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Registering with the Engenuity website gives you access to several areas:

Case Studies
Where you can look in details at the benefits of analysis when applied to real situations.

Questions and Answers
A direct line to Engenuity to pose questions about the application and benefits of analysis.

Request for Quotation
Allowing you to post information, files and even models to Engenuity with a view to quote for analysis work.

Registering takes no time at all, asking you to fill in one short form with details that are held securely on our servers. For our full privacy policy click here. To proceed to the registration form, click "register now!" below. If you are already a user, click on "existing users".

In the case studies area, you can read reports on anaylsis jobs, view plots and photographs, watch animated movies and even download vrml models *.

* please note that due to client confidentiality, case studies will have differing amounts of information



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