Excellence in your design is the critical ingredient for success. We provide advanced analysis information at the speed and reliability required to achieve this.

Industry has recognised the benefits of finite element analysis and is demanding increasingly complex solutions. The severe consequences of failure places a critical reliance on the quality of software and expertise employed in the process.

Engenuity's contribution is always significant. A truly optimised design can simplify manufacture, reduce materials used in mass production, enhance performance and reduce the risk of component failure or inadequate system performance.



We know the competitive importance of design optimisation and the significance of component failure. We work in complete confidence and provide the highest security for your data. You can access our expertise and your competition need never know.

Whether you have legislative requirements to meet, an innovative design you want to assess or a product problem to solve, you are secure with Engenuity. We work quickly and independently to provide you with objective design evaluation and development in the strictest confidence.

Reduce Risk


Component failure can be disastrous - through injury, warranty or damage to image. Our clients know that even their most effective designs can benefit from objective engineering design analysis. Pre-production design analysis can rapidly and accurately evaluate your ideas. You can gain peace of mind and savings in time and money.

Ensuring you get it right first time, we help you find previously unseen savings and improvements. We can assist you to identify shortcomings, reducing the risk of failure later in the product life cycle.

Save Money


We work with you and only recommend the analysis techniques that will best meet your needs. There are no costly learning curves, expensive software packages to buy, or personnel for you to train.

Outsource your design evaluation and analysis work only when you really need it. You gain all the advantages and benefits of using experienced engineering analysts at the leading edge of technology and utilising the best analysis software - without the overheads.

The cost of analysis is small when offset against the potential savings.


On the race-track improvements in air flow can gain the milliseconds that separate winners and losers. Minor alterations to the shape or wall thickness of a plastic bottle can add the strength that allows it to be stacked one pallet higher. In high volume manufacturing, a few grams of weight saved can bring the cost reduction that wins you the order.

At Engenuity we run the most powerful analysis tools available today. We are constantly working with major software companies to develop new systems, techniques and technology to provide effective solutions for the future.


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